Brenda Taylor

ARCA Recycling is an Edina-based recycling company with an emphasis on environmentally-friendly appliance recycling.

After a makeover to their company's branding, ARCA's old website no longer represented them well. They were looking for a fresh new website that showed their more modern logo and bold colors. ARCA also wanted to organize their content better and appeal to their new direct-to-consumer audience.

As a developer on this project, I worked closely with our agency's Web Designer, Liz Johnson, and the project's Lead Developer, Rebecca Power, to plan the information architecture of the site and build the custom WordPress theme. To help improve the pre-launch and post-launch QA process for this site, I created a form that can be sent to anyone involved in our agency's QA process. This form made the QA process more organized and clear by feeding the form submissions into a spreadsheet and by including form fields to help direct the non-developers who perform site reviews to include the most useful information. This form has now been integrated into our agency's site migration and development QA process.

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