Brenda Taylor

Christopher St.Leger is a prolific contemporary landscape, abstract, and portrait painter. His watercolor and oil paintings explore the beauty in the grotesque, the mundane, and the juxtapositions of structure and fluidity.

Throughout his career, Christopher had never taken the time to develop himself as a 'brand', and was ready to explore creating a logo and identity.

He has an extensive body of work and wanted a way to be able to sell his paintings outside of an in-person gallery setting; he was also interested in selling his book of collected works and a selection of his work as print-on-demand fine-art prints online. It was important to him to be able to have his full body of work stored in an eCommerce CMS, and to have the ability to add new work to that catalog as he created it. He also wanted to be able to control when a piece would be visible on his site. Christopher had an established blog with a good following, so he needed to migrate his blog and some of the content from his old site to his new eCommerce site.

We worked together to distill his identity as an artist, then I used that information to create moodboards, then establish a brand identity and logo for him based on the moodboard direction Christopher chose. Once that was established, I designed wireframes, then we used those wireframes as a guide for Christopher to write/gather content. Next I made prototypes, migrated his old website and blog content, then built his site based on the prototypes.

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